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Whether You're Visiting Long Beach, California For Business, Fun Or Both, You'll Always Find Something Unconventional To Do.

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Satisfy your inner urbanite at downtown Long Beach’s vibrant waterfront scene. From eclectic neighborhoods to sandy beaches, you’ll find Long Beach to be an urban waterfront playground. Visit museums, tour a 1930s ocean liner and watch sea lions at Long Beach’s aquarium.  Enjoy live performances and cruise Naples canals. Spot dolphins at play on your way to Catalina Island. Or take a short jaunt to Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, or other Southern California attractions.

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Take a journey of discovery and play in Long Beach

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Amazing Things to Do in Long Beach

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The Ultimate Southern California Waterfront Playground

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Long Beach is one giant playground located right in the heart of Southern California. From eclectic neighborhoods to sandy beaches, you'll find Long Beach to be an urban waterfront playground.

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